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Our featured expert is Carey Smolensky, author of “Living Life with Passion and Helping Others.” He is a Husband, Father, “Papa C” to his grandson, Dynamic Businessman, Event Producer, Multi-Faceted Entertainer, Author, Recording Artist, and Entrepreneur.

Carey was born in Chicago and began his family of companies over four decades ago while in high school. He believes that change is the key to innovation. Therefore, he pursues a path of continuous evolution both personally and professionally to live his life with a passion, so he is best equipped to make a difference in the lives of others.

Carey has turned his book into an annual experience, hence the Passion Summit being the next logical step in sharing the ability to live life passionately while helping others. Carey’s goal of creating a like-minded community is just the beginning of supporting each other while thriving personally and supporting others to achieve their dreams.

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