Michele Meiche

“Space-Time Bridging” Practice in Business

About the Speaker

Michele Meiche, is an author, psychic, life coach for the soul and transpersonal hypnotherapist. She has worked with thousands of people nationally and internationally to inspire and teach them the tools to live more fulfilled and prosperous lives.

She works with her clients to connect more deeply with their own inner knowing in order for them to make empowered and soul expressed decisions. The author of Meditation for Everyday Living, 5 Step Emotional Clearing, Transforming Fear into Creativity among other books and CDs, the Host and Executive Producer of Awakenings with Michele Meiche podcast.

Through her intuition and psychic ability, Michele helps you find your Soul’s purpose and Soul Path. She believes when you are living your Soul Path your life becomes easier. You have to use less effort to draw in what is fulfilling and life enhancing for you. Living your Soul Path Spirit lets you live more synchronistically and abundantly. For more on Michele check out her website. http://www.soulplayground.com/soulplayground/michele-meiche/

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